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阅读报告:《我们从未不认识》 林宥嘉 x 万金油

万金油,涂得我就懂,写字的我不认识,所以,这本书是在一位编辑朋友的介绍下才买来看的。 之前对林宥嘉也没有什么了解,觉得他很玄,就这样而已。一两首脍炙人口的歌,也不足以让我买他的书。 可是就是看了那位编辑朋友的短短几句介绍,我就买了。你说,文字的力量,说多厉害有多厉害,说多没有也可以没用。

Book Review:《新金钱术》By 松浦弥太郎 (Matsuura Yataro)

“走在人生路上,会看到很多人走在自己的前面。不要和他人比较,不要羡慕成功者,而是要尊敬,抱着祝福的心情。每个人都不一样,目标也不相同,走路的速度不同,步伐和节奏也不同,和他人比较,会让自己感到不安。” 我告诉你,在2014年年头就让我阅读到这本书,实在是象征着美好一年的开始。 我告诉你,我非常喜欢这本书,因为它实在太可爱了。在可爱简单的当中,更清清楚楚地写出我们也许懂,但是不会做的事情。

Words written are gold

They say once you have said something, you can no longer take it back. I guess it should be the same with words written (though editing is always an option, but it is not exactly how a pro does it).

So here, via Zero to Hero, I’m now writing down the purpose of this blog for 2014.

*This blog is about things I’m passionate about – coffee sharing, book reviews, things that inspired me, running stories and maybe a little bit about fashion that I cannot seem to get it out of my head.

*It is both personal and out there for you, because knowledge learned, is more useful when we share it.

If my words and sharing makes a slight different in your daily life, I would be deeply honoured.

And, I’m always glad to hear from you.

Till then, take care.

.MAYDAY. My favourite Chinese rockband
My favourite Chinese rockband