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What to do

They asked me

What do you want to do

When you are retired?


That’s a good question

That’s a valid question.

That is a question I have to answer.


What is ‘retired’?


Then I don’t know the answer.

But I know

I want to do

What I do now till I can’t do it no more.


I want to

Write as long as I can

Style as long as I could

Work with people as long as I know how to.

If retired is to be able to do what you like

Then my friend

I am a retiree.

I love what I do

It is hobby

Yet it supports my living.

Isn’t it wonderful?

What do you want to do

When you’re retired?

Can you make your job

Something you can do

Till the end of day?


Don’t wait till that ‘retired’ day

To live the life you want.


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