Hello 2016, but first, COTTLE COFFEE!

Absolutely delighted with the opening of Cottle Coffee in Malaysia!

Cottle Coffee has a rich coffee roaster history, started in 1972 in South Melbourne and currently still very much a family business. This is the first time Cottle Coffee is stepping out of Australia, oh how we glad it is Malaysia they have chosen. (Thank you Mr. Looi and team for the effort!)

Black and White
Black Supreme and Flat White

How I have missed the Cottle Coffee Supreme Blend long black I had in Melbourne (prepared by personal barista!) and my biggest surprise is that it tasted identical to the ones I have tasted in Melbourne. Naturally I didn’t expect it to happen; weather, milk quality, shipping, barista skills and storage all come into play when you open an outlet across the ocean. Yet the Espresso Supreme long black has given me the familiar notes and brought back memory in every sip. It is truly an amazing well-balanced blend, perfect for a cup of long black. The Piccolo Latte is on point (with the correct size, not the fake XL version), and if you need anything larger than life, try Magic, a double ristretto on the 6oz Flat White size.

Wait! The next thing that surprised me is the food. I am a big fan of their Corn Salad and Chicken Wrap. Clean, simple and not overly done with flavouring, this allows you to taste the natural juice of the fresh ingredients. Heavy sauce and thick flavouring are so yesterday.

Black and Green
Black and Green
Finished before I remember to snap.
Finished before I remember to snap.

If you are looking for an unpretentious and simple place to enjoy good coffee, Cottle Coffee is the answer. The drinks are Instagram perfect but more importantly the coffee are of 5-star quality.

Plus, Melbourne roasted beans are flown in bi-monthly, I’m getting more next week!


Cottle Coffee Malaysia: 15 Jalan SS21/60, Damansara Utama, PJ.

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