Dear Little Friday

Dear Little Friday,

I hope you are well now.

I hope you learn to drink the milk by now, or your mum came back and care for you. When I came out from the toilet and saw you on the dumpster, I knew I could not walk away pretending you will be fine. Though for a second I wasn’t sure that you are a kitten. I have never seen a new-born kitten. You were wet, with very little fur all sticking to your body. You head is big and your eyes are bigger. Those big round eyes and a long tail. But I knew when I hear your meow. Again and again, when I was in the toilet. I wasn’t sure if you were calling for me.

I just could not leave your there.

But I’m sorry I can’t bring you home either.

All I could do was spend some time to warm you up and make sure you get through the first hour. For once I realised I know very little about rescuing animals. So I got some newspaper, bought a pack of milk, But you didn’t want the milk, or is it because you didn’t know how to drink it just yet? I was confused, and I was disappointed at myself for not knowing more. You kept crawling away from the newspaper and nearer to my feet, I could not hold my tears, were you asking for a cuddle?

Then a kind gentleman came and got me a box. As I put you into the box and sooth you with my fingers, you slowly fell a sleep. He kept saying: Bawak dia balik lah, dia nak ikut you. (Bring him back, he wants to follow you). I said sorry I can’t, I stay in a condo and no pet is allowed.

I so wanted to. At least for some weeks till you are feeling better.

Oh Little Friday.

I’m so sorry that I did not do more. I absolutely regret it now. I could have just wreck it and bring you home.

Why do we always doubt ourselves even when we are doing the right thing? Why do we worry so much about the consequences of helping others?

I hope you are OK now and grow up in pink of health.

I found you on a rainy Friday evening, and so you are my Little Friday.

Oh, I know of another Friday, but he is not so little.






刚出生的你被遗弃在油站厕所内的垃圾桶边,让我愣住。一开始以为是淋湿了的小猫,可是你的体积实在太微小,我才惊觉是刚出生的婴儿。你喵喵叫着,是否在叫我? 那不重要,因为我无法弃你而离去。
















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