Do It Now: Robe Coat for FW2015

Trend Alert!

One of the easiest things to do for the remaining months of 2015 is to throw on a robe coat with a belt and be done with.

So glad this TV-night-with-the-girls outfit is good enough for running errands and cafe runs too.

Brands like The Row and J.Crew have some really nice normcore ones, grab a basic grey (I am hopelessly devoted to almost every shades of grey) or a beige version. You should have a black, navy and white by now, there is no need to repeat how important it is to stock those basic items.


What is interesting is the Japanese inspired robes are making rounds in street style images. I have a few short versions, they are exceptionally beautiful if you get the real deal. Drop the fringe if you are not sure how to style them. Just get a lovely printed (or without) version will do.

Grab a thin fabric belt (or felt, but not the hardcore leather) and wrap it around your waistline. I like to pull the robe and let it hang slightly loose on me instead of full cover up. But the choice is yours. No limitation here.

Year in and year out fashionistas recycle the robe coats in their wardrobe and style them differently. It is something you will use it again and again. For FW 2015, keep them easy and untidy, the trick is not to look perfect in this year’s run.


  1. STYLE: Japanese inspired is big, but you can also do normcore in basic colour.
  2. LENGTH: Hip length would be easy, but angkle length is the ultimate.
  3. FIT: Loose.
  4. WEAR: With a thin fabric belt is the best. But you can run it wild, like how robe supposed to be.
  6. ALSO: Drop the fringe if you are not sure. Keep it clean.

Have fun!

Options (Via nytimes)
Options (Via nytimes)


Dries Van Noten does it best!
Dries Van Noten does it best!


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