SS16: Still JOSEPH

Everything you need for a season is here.

Everything you need to do your styling / mix and match / to throw on yourself (more slash available) at any given day, is here.

That is what Joseph does best.

There is no air about Joseph, it is not quite like The Row or Yohji Yamamoto. It is not about the over-the-moon quality or the out-of-the-world techniques. For Joseph, it is reliability.

Sounds boring for a fashion brand? That’s about right in real life.

Because reliability is so hard to come by.

This season is light and airy, cotton and jersey for every moment. With straps hanging around like bandage, casually placed to secure a package and created an even lighter form. Knotting seems to be another form defining avenue for Joseph this season, using the most basic technique we learn to create shapes among the flare. Black and white take center stage, only a hint of neutral and yellow around. The tan brown leather is a great add-on, but not necessary.

You’ve got a package of beauty and brain here, minus the hefty price tag.

One of the top 3 in minimalist category for SS16.






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