SS16: The Exciting Gucci

Amazingly refreshing!

With decades of archive provided, Alessandro Michele heads back to the glorious days of Gucci for SS16. The Double-G logo, the red-green stripes, the serpent, the rich textures, and the rays of colours splashing across the runway. More is more.

This is Gucci at its best. Maybe a hint of 70s with the glasses and beret, but the collection feels so modern and with a stand of its own. Taking clues from the modern world and melted it with its own heritage, Gucci has plenty to offer, proven by the 65 looks decked out at the runway. With so many things going on for every piece, Alessandro Michele managed to keep them all in place, not a hint of OTT is spotted here. Even the tribute to the past (like the Double-G logo and monogram) is so tastefully done that it feels exceptionally current.

It is fun to be crazily loud sometimes.

If you have time, go scream your heart out at the beautiful accessories, here comes another wave of Gucci classic not to be missed. It is truly heart warming to see the reincarnation of classic into something more beautiful and fit for the moment.







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