To the Leo

And so it is the Leo’s time

The quick wit is bound to shine.

How you have grown

I don’t quite know.

I was folding your nappy

And suddenly you don’t need me.

Now you are in ‘the zone’

I hope you find your throne.

Honest to goodness

I have never done much to be a role model.

I was in search of my footing

When you needed a sister.

So I am glad you have another

To be the scary monster.


What have I got to offer

To make you wiser and stronger?

I wish I have a coffer

That I can hand down to my only brother.

But never have I doubt

You will come about

Even without my hand out.


In a house of three women

You can only listen.

Like the long table linen

The nagging flooded the dry kitchen.

These three women

Are meant to drive you insane.

Yet some stories are worth your attention

They are valuable lessons.

Oh but do go find your own vision

Carry on your mission

Be committed

And go the distance.


Because never have I doubt

One day you will stand out in the crowd

Be the man of your own

And make us all proud.


Happy Birthday Poser.

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