.Happy Birthday Rockstar.

I don’t know much about sibling rivalry.

We didn’t have that – at least for me.

All I ever wanted as a kid was to be as good as my big sister – from colouring to choosing clothes.

Almost (I’m being honest) everything she did was better.

How could it be?

We are very different, and I was trying to be a copycat.

So I stuck behind her like a poor puppy,  hoping that she will show me how to do all the magic.

Oh but I didn’t know how irritating I was, until the day I realised I don’t like to be followed too.

For me that was no jealousy in the entire journey, it was pure admiration.

I wanted to be as good.

Suddenly and before we know it, we are all grown ups.

Then she made me feel we are equal.

Equal because the admiration is now running both ways.

I could not be happier.

Validation gives you a strong sense of belonging.

Like respect, you cannot ask for validation. It has to come from the other party.

Now we live happily ever after. (sort of)

Thank you.

Happy Birthday to one of the biggest influences in my life.


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