Life is a lot like jazz… It’s best when you improvise. – George Gershwin

The WVC Trio +1 band is a crowd pleaser.

I don’t mean it in a bad way – Why not?  Isn’t great to be able to please the crowd? As a performer, you have to love applause. It motivates you.

It was absolutely joy to be part of the Waiting For That Day concert at KLPac last week. The 2-day event was mesmerising and filled with brilliance performance. I attended both nights, and honestly, not a dull moment for me. The band, the ensemble, the songstress and the art performances truly surpassed my expectation for the show – much effort into creating a lively and entertaining night.

WVC Trio +1 is a Malaysian jazz band – band leader Tay Cher Siang plays the piano, AJ Popshuvit is the bassist, Julian Chan the saxophonist and KJ Wong plays the drum (and percussion). Waiting For That Day is the name of their latest album – all compositions inside is written by the band.


During the concert , we witnessed the collaboration between classical instruments with calligraphy, traditional act, ballroom dancing and Odissi Indian Classical Dance. We were bedazzled by the mellifluous and soulful performance from Janet Lee, Paulwah Chew, Winnie Ho and Yudi Yap. I was floored. The ladies were amazing.

Tay Cher Siang on the piano reminded me (sort of) of David Foster – tall, slender and clean look. Sitting by the piano, letting the fingers danced across the tiles and body moved along with it. I love Julian Chan’s attachment to every beat, not a self-indulged solo player but a strong team player. AJ played amazing bass tune in his single-button suit and top-hat man KJ Wong is nothing but an expressive percussionist. The band looked intact and truly enjoying each other’s company.

Tay Cher Siang on Piano
Tay Cher Siang on Piano
Julian Chan
Julian Chan

By now you should know the juice of it, from all the FB posts and such – but I could not find any blog dedicated to this event, detailing how we feel about it. Instead I repeated see the performers’ thank you messages and posts (all of them has done it through their social media, KJ wrote a blog entry too).

I am disappointed. I thought we gave them the standing ovation for both nights? So why don’t we write a little note for them? The news detailed the show’s lined up and what was in it, but no one says anything about how we feel. How we were truly touched by them.

Sometimes you have to play a long time to be able to play like yourself. – Miles Davis

It is easy to be the audience. So many shows are asking for your attention. You pick one and purchased a ticket. You go there and listen (and watch) to the hardwork and sweat of these performers. Years of diligent practise and hundred times of rehearsal melted into a couple of hours.  Then you feel almighty because you have supported them. You have ‘helped’ the local art scene.

It is not wrong to think that way, though. But don’t support them just for ‘support local talent’, or ‘they asked me to buy ticket’. Support them because they are good. Support them because they are worthy musicians. Support them because it is remarkable to have such original compositions.

Yudi Yap performed on 24th June
Yudi Yap performed on 24th June
Janet Lee
Janet Lee
Winnie Ho
Winnie Ho
Paulwah Chew
Paulwah Chew

WVC Trio +1 is more than just a casual jazz band. Almost everything they played at the concert is written by the band. They work together with many great talents, toured around Asia, and perform in famous jazz establishments. They are worthy musicians. Waiting For That Day is their concert to bring love to you. Their layering and music surprises truly touched me. Many times I refrained myself from dancing in the full-house Pentas 1 hall. (Oh well)

Speaking of which, I noticed some came actually dressed in shorts and slippers. And 20 minutes late too! I was baffled. I think Malaysians need to learn to dress for occasion. This is not exactly a late-night jazz pub kind of setting, not the sort of hang-out with friends do. The band was playing at a proper performing art centre, on a stage with full set-up, and the least we could do is to respect the effort. If AJ could play the bass in a buttoned-up suit, there is no reason we could not be decently dressed. Manners, please.

I think I am always writing about the fringes instead of the main topic – but to me these are important details for an event – story besides the story – or matter of fact why someone wants to read my story instead of another of program run-down post. I am not the best writer around, but I write from the bottom of my heart.

Oh wait – if you missed the event go buy the album (though I can tell you that you’ve missed a whole lot) – the compositions are captivating. My favourites are ‘A Walk To Remember’, ‘Cat on Catnip’ and ‘Sea Outside My Window’. When the band played them live I was truly moved.

Thank you for the fun nights.

Art Jam
Art Jam


WVC Trio +1上周在KLPac举办了两场演奏会 - 两场皆爆满,还得临时加椅子。对于这次的演奏会我是满心期待,因为我见证过他们几次的爵士表演,对他们的评价实属蛮高 ,加上四位献唱的殿堂级女歌手,很难让人不掏钱买票。

果真,演奏会惊喜连连,意想不到的试验性合作组合让大家眼前一亮 - 有现场书揩、交际舞和印度舞蹈等等,加上年轻团队的旋乐团和两晚有别的演奏编排 -这可是真的非常有诚意。演奏会主要的曲子皆由WVC 自己编写,演奏之时展现他们高深的功力和多年来的默契 - 当观众的何其幸运,买一张票就能享受音乐人多年的坚持和努力。太多人想享受掌声,奈何并非每一个人都有此耐力,那些由时间和汗水堆叠成的果实来的不易。

女歌手们天籁的歌声为表演锦上添花 - 好久不见的友弟和周博华开口亮声马上让我软化,何芸妮还是一样美丽,小小的身子藏着温柔的歌声,唱日语歌曲非常适合,当然少不了本地歌姬Janet Lee - 说她骨子里流的是爵士乐的血一点也不为过。


感觉上第一晚的观众比较拘谨,而第二晚的观众则明显朋友居多,大家玩得比较放松。我想本地音乐之旅还是需要靠朋友来散播消息,把好东西介绍给更多的人。当然演奏会平均迟了二十分钟才开场- 许多人在预定开场的时间才姗姗来迟,更让我傻眼的是有人穿着家居短裤和拖鞋到来。对我而言这是正式场合 - 就算台上的是你的朋友,也应该体面到场 - 这是对于表演者最基本的尊重。当晚的演奏地点在KLPac,是一个正规的演奏场地,并非酒吧,个人认为基本的打扮礼仪还是要遵守。



3 thoughts on “LIVE: WAITING FOR THAT DAY by WVC Trio +1

  1. Hi Rachel, thank you for a lovely article. I do not know how to privately message you but Odyssey is spelled as Odissi Indian Classical Dance. Not Odyssey in the English sense. I would really appreciate if you corrected the spelling as this is crucial to the Arts and in respect to India and the teachers and practitioners. Thank you so much and once again thank you for the featured image too. Best, Love & Light, Michelle Jueney 🙂


    1. Hi Michelle – Thank you so much for pointing that out. I’ve updated it with the correct spelling. I did search online but some actually says Odyssey, will definitely be more vigilant. Appreciate it!


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