When you are sad, sing a happy song. – Janet Lee

It all started when a certain Ms. Yeong updated abut the upcoming album launch cum mini concert by Janet Lee. I was in a mess of deadlines and ear infection, but I decided to give it a go – really wrestled to leave work for that. I am so glad I did.

I first heard of Janet Lee from all the little jazz performance nights around town. She has this flare of swinging and soul alluring vibe when she is on stage. But it has been awhile since I last attend any of her live performance, nor I know of her upcoming (now available for purchase) album until Win-ni mentioned it.

Opening Set
Opening Set
Closing tunes
Closing tunes

I was moved to tears during last week’s live performance, well, three of us at least. Yise shared a tiny pack of tissue with Win-ni and me, all quietly tearing in the dark. Not that we have never been to a great performance, but it was not that, I guess there is a dreamer in us, and Janet woke her up. We all know what it takes to pursue and realise a dream, especially if it is not a dream built on physical and monetary value. Not just fame nor glamour for her, but to complete her purpose in life. Singing is a part of Janet, it is her soul.

She opened the show by singing Chinese tunes before going into her own creation. The 100 minutes performance was lively and enjoyable. It was also emotional and filled with honesty. The band and set-up was simple and intimate, swinging along harmoniously with Janet’s voice.

My favourite song has to be ‘Rider In The Wind’, a tune so full of love. All the songs in the album are all beautifully written and arranged, a very soothing companion for chill out nights. Most importantly,I feel sincerity in every aspect – from the lyrics to the introduction and thank you note, it is clearly a very personal creation.

Please go and grab a copy of this album, and don’t have the thought of ‘just to support the local talent but maybe nothing much in it’ – it is such a beautifully crafted album, lots of soul. Bring it home, put it on, listen to the music while spend some time to understand the lyrics.

Lots of love.

Go on and live in your dream. You have a gift Janet.





Restless Heart Album
Restless Heart Album
Full Package.  Nicely Designed.
Full Package.
Nicely Designed.



  1. Chanced upon your site when I was looking for a related article on my concert. Win-Ni told me about your review after the concert and I was really happy to know that you managed to make it during your mad working schedule and took something good from it. But reading about it here in your extended narration made me emotional, and very grateful that our work on the album and concert made some impact in some people’s lives. This is why we live right? To remind each other why we stay alive. Hugs, much love to you. Thank you.


    1. Your gift and hardwork deserved much more than this. Thank you for not giving up.
      For every pain carved into our veins it gives us more strength to live on, and truly understand what is important to us.


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