Stumbled Upon: Perfect List for 2015

Came across this list by Erin Burns, posted before 2014 Christmas at her blog. I think it is really fun to list down the different angle we can take, even on reading! (OK I’m boring like that, I like list!)

If I do one book a week, which is slightly below my average number per week, this would take me about 6 months. But I am thinking of doing this on both English and Mandarin books – so that brings me back to the usual pace of 2 books a week.

26 Books

Sounds like a good plan – I think the fun will starts when I need to pick a tittle for each number. It is definitely difficult to come to conclusion for:

#5 A book published this year (So many good ones!)

#25 A Book that is more than 10 years old (Oh where do I start!)


It is February now – that means I will have to catch up! Aim to have this done by end of June – Lets!


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