Coffee Story: Pourover at Home

Came across this article by Nick Cho @ talking about the basics of pourover at home, and I think I must share it here.

Friends know I’m a big coffee drinker, and a fixture at some of the best cafes in town. Everyone knows I’m a huge pourover fan too, however I’ve never really blog about coffee (unlike fashion) here at my little paradise. Simple: I think I’m not at all qualify to talk about coffee. A heavy coffee drinker can be utterly clueless about coffee. Thought, I think I’m OK at the basic knowledge, but still I not eagerly trying to be one of those guru-wannabe. I just love good coffee. 

That's how I start my morning!
That’s how I start my morning! (image via

But yes, I do pourover at home every morning and learn tips from all the champs I know around town. I have several toys at home and love to match different mood to different play. Yet, I find it is refreshing to have someone talks about basics again, because essentially for pourover, or any handbrew method – it is the basic knowledge that makes the difference. A huge difference. I never think I’ve learn enough. Nick Cho’s article is down-to-earth, easy to understand and suitable for all level (without all the unbelievable jargons and arrogant!) 

That brings me to a quote I saw today at DHL Warehouse: “There is nothing basic about the basics.” How awesomely true and humbling. 

Click on the link now!

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