For us, you are clearly irreplaceable. 

You are one of the kindest person with the purest of heart. You have touched my life in such magical way; opened up my eyes and showed me the meaning of unpretentious love for your brothers and sisters. It is through you I have witnessed the greatest love shown in the simplest ways. 

It sadden me so much that you have left us, no words could express the lost and loneliness we are feeling now. Your brothers still mourn in silence during the days and weep in the sleepless nights. Your name slipped our tongue so conveniently like nothing has changed. But the truth is, it will never be the same again. Not the same without you. You have taken a piece from each of us with you, but we know it will come a day that we will see you again.

Thank you for taking care of my man all the years, with only the best intentions for him. Thank you for being his listener and a brother he secretly wished for. Now he has lost the only person he can truly confine in, and I know, for him, the world has lost its glory. He has not said a grieving word for days, yet every part in him is broken. This crack cuts so deep, only the memory of you can fill that space. You will live eternally in his heart. 

Thank you for being a part of my earthy journey and allowed me to be part of yours. I am forever grateful.

Rest, my dear brother. 



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