STUMBLED UPON: The North Face Store @ South Korea

Adweek (like Boredpanda and many more) is an excellent source for some very inspirational ideas. I guess once an advertising bug, one will always stay curious and aroused by great ideas in marketing and advertising. 

Came across this campaign and I totally love it. Only thing is I do hope those are real customers, not talents.

What say you?

The North Face has been pretty consistent in their advertising messages, and I think that means the company itself is very clear (for a long time and still staying true to it) about the vision and company motto. It has a strong understanding about the brand personality, essence and values that anchor the business and advertising effort. I love it when companies knows their brands inside out and stick to the right thing, because many times, they change for the wrong reason (often ego problem). 

This campaign is named ‘Never Stop Exploring’, which essentially sums up The North Face, and by allocating a very small amount out of total budget, the agency decided to do a very effective gimmick instead – personal experience reality show. 


Personal experience is one of the most a powerful tools in marketing as it acts as a strong decision-making tool, but in your sub-conscious mind. The stronger the experience, the higher chance it will turn into a long-term memory. When it is done right, it has unlimited power to unlock the market you want, and build name for centuries to come! 

Nice one! 

First discovered the video from AdWeek. 

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