Stumbled Upon: ‘In Extremis’ by Sandro Giordano

I love these silly images so much. They simply remind me of… me!

I’m one of those who constantly run into something or fall over on my own, and the fact that someone (in this case it’s Sandro Giordano) cares enough to document this silly act via photography!

oh... food!
oh… food!
gardening at its best
Getting Ready
Stairs are dangerous
Stairs are dangerous
Didn't I said stairs are dangerous
Didn’t I said stairs are dangerous

I first came across these images via boredpanda (as always), and I went on to check out Sandro Giordano via his Facebook and Instagram.

He named this series “In Extremis. Bodies with no regrets”, and staged them  “as if a sudden black-out of mind and body took over, let themselves crash with no attempt to save themselves, unable, because of the fatigue of the everyday ‘representation’ of living, oppressed by ‘appearance’ instead of simply ‘existing'”.

The bigger message is here from Sandro Giordano, in his own words :


I couldn’t agree more with his foresight and thinking. Perfection is in imperfection. I have recently done a project that celebrates imperfection. Share that with you guys later.

Though it looks silly, I must say that I truly admire the message behind, plus staging and imagination in every scene, having them perfectly and meticulously planned out while truly mimicking a real world scenario. Staging and planning for photography scene is not as easy as you think. I think Sandro Giordano has done such a brilliant observation. Bravo.

Amazing isn’t it?

Couple tragedy!
Couple tragedy!
man falls too.
man falls too.
camper alert
camper alert


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