Stumbled Upon: Heat Running

There are days you just happened to see something so interesting you stop and read on, even if it has nothing to do with you in particular. 

Today I talk about this website: Heat Running

Though I’m into running, I don’t think for the longest time I will attempt to do a run under the excruciating condition of massive heat. But then again, running in Malaysia, though not on an extremity, it can be pretty hot and humid too. (This June is very gruelling!) So reading something extra is always helpful. 

Plus, I find it highly informative and entertaining. Information like The  Top 5 Hot Weather Running Tips,  The Sauna Training: The Basics are pretty useful for runners looking to improve their strength, or even just for your reading pleasure of what is out there (why not). You may laugh hearing sauna training, but that is what a top-notch heat running athlete would be doing as part of resistance training. 

Jon is a highly experienced runner who adopted the sport of heat running in 1996. He visits Death Valley every year to participate in his bizarre creation, The Darth Valley Challenge (which I blogged about it HERE last week) – a one-mile charge through the desert in the height of summer, dressed as Darth Vader. Naturally he is the right candidate to tells you what to prepare for all the glamour and crazy game under the extreme heat. 

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