Stumbled Upon: Darth Valley Challenge

When I first read about this, I was laughing so hard because my friend Lilian came into my mind immediately. 

Darth Valley Challenge


It started in 2010 by veteran runner Jonathan Rice (commonly known as Jon Rice), whom is constantly looking for ways to have fun while running. So, for some people like Jon, fun is when you dressed up in Darth Vader Suit and run a mile as fast as you can, in the hottest day of a year (based on forecast). If you have read about Dead Valley, then you would know that it has average temperature of 130F on the hottest hour of the day. 130F oh my! So yes, it is essentially heat running at its core, with an additional suit to kill you. 

Oh I think I forgot to mention it is only for a mile. You run a mile in the costume. Come on, it is not possible to be alive if you wear the costume and run a 100km in Dead Valley. Be real! This is just for fun anyway!


You see, this challenge is a dumb and funny ones, even creator Jon Rice admitted it. But next to funny, it is a rightful way of having fun! And man you need courage to do that (and staying alive at the end). So my nut-bolt friend Lilian completely fits into this picture. Plus, she LOVES the Star Wars series. Like totally. So I’m not surprised if she packs her bags and go on it the moment she hears of it. (Chances are she will)

Back to the Darth Valley Challenge, it is now a celebrated event of Star Wars fans and runners alike. There are now Obi One and friends running too. People who like to challenge themselves while having fun. It’s so fun that it caught the attention of international media. The website has plenty of useful information about the event and safety tips. Not forgetting showing readers the beautiful side of Dead Valley and the available resorts around.

Explore the site! Or watch the video here!

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