Stumbled Upon: “The Other Side of A Mother’s Love”

I came across these images and was immediately taken by it. Amazing story telling by pairing the mother and her children, every frame tells an every expanding social issue we have.

Not your average lovey-dovey mother and child story, and I am one person who believes that plenty of parent-child relationship is built on aggressiveness, obsessiveness, over-protection, double standard and into a way darker side we could not imagine.

"I can be fat, but you must be perfect"
“I can be fat, but you must be perfect”

I can be fat, but you must be perfect.

You are my hopes and dreams. You cannot fail. 

"I'm the queen"
“I’m the queen”

I’m your mother. I’m the queen. You are my children. You are chained to me.

"Do whatever I said"
“Do whatever I said”

You move as I said. You stay as I said. 


The world is a dangerous place. You need to be covered and be protected.

"Double Standard"
“Double Standard”

I can be hot and sexy, but you must be prim and proper. 

Worship me. 

"I'm great"
“I’m great”

The picture captions are my own. That is exactly how the pictures make me feel. 

These are taken by London-based fashion photographer Anna Redchenko, who is currently pursuing MA Fashion Photographer in London College of Fashion. Her amazing work can be seen on major media, and her strength flourishes in different styles. There is no boundaries for Anna’s imagination. For a quick glance, go to her website. They are strong in personality and always tell a story without forcing it. Next to being a fashion photographer she does special projects, including this “The Other Side of Mother’s Love”.

Look at this following series. 

"Row A Boat On Dry Land 1"
“Row A Boat On Dry Land 1”
"Row A Boat On Dry Land 2"
“Row A Boat On Dry Land 2”
"Row A Boat On Dry Land 3"
“Row A Boat On Dry Land 3”

The water is too dangerous, we shall play at the backyard.

You can row a boat here.

The world is too dangerous, I’m here for you.

Whether you are 15, 25, or 45, I’m still watching you.

"You Are My Baby, Forever"
“You Are My Baby, Forever”

Is that love, or possessiveness? 

Is that protection, or insecurity?

"Hurts Both Ways"
“Hurts Both Ways”

I think this is just amazing.  And very strong. 

*First came across the photos at The Nok


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