Thoughts: Chain Reaction

For the first time, I was moody because of the lack of exercise. Particularly because I could not run for more than a week.

Long story short: right foot and knee was giving different soreness and pain on different days and time. A whole new experience. I have never had this before. 

The funny thing is, I can live with the soreness and the pain. (You know how people always say pain is weakness leaving your body? Uh-huh… so we all like a little pain here there) And why haven’t I gone to see the doctor? Well I was trying to ‘feel’ what’s the real problem (After all the reading it seems to be typical runner’s problem but I doubt so) and I have scheduled to see a specialist for scan this week. (he was away, hence the wait)

I realised that no being able to do the simple routine was the cause for stress. Though I don’t run daily, I do lace up at least three to four times a week, that is my secret to sanity. Then it’s yoga. Even all I do is once or twice a week, yet I can’t do it. Yes, yoga is extremely good for muscles pull and so on, but not when I am not able to fold the knee properly. Only managed one session of short leisure swim.

I can’t help but noticed my mood change, that I was going deeper into a corner everyday. I refused to go out. I became restless and less productive. Given the time I had on hand, I should be able to finish more articles, but I was feeling so uninspired. My writing hauled for a week.

So uninspired.

Uninspired to the extend of eating blindly and wasting away precious work time. 

Now I understand how it feels. How the old folks feel. How sudden immobility can caused all kinds of emotional instability. I’m sorry that I didn’t understand it sooner. But now I do. 

Now I know if I’m not careful, every bit of negative energy will creep into my brain while I nurse the pain in my body. Now I know though I take care of my body, I need to do more. Now I know, nothing comes easy. Even just for a short run.

Thank you Universe for this early message. 

I wish everyone a healthy journey through life.  



现在我终于明白行动不便的朋友、老人家和从健康到病重的朋友的心情了:一种无法选择和无可奈何的心情。我在这十几天里从“没事的” 到请朋友打电话去预约高明医生,从像平日一样到颓废大吃和熬夜,从写一篇文章到根本不想动脑筋,我终于明白到那些积极和病魔抗战的朋友是多么地勇敢,坚持真的不是一件简单的事;因为任何时候一不小心,那个负面恶魔就会把你推向深渊。



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