Stumbled Upon: Home Library!

Not just any home library, but home library specifically for small space! Because we know, if you have a five thousand square feet mansion, you can have your library upside down and it will still fit. But yes, some of the bookworm like me are staying in a space that is quarter of that mansion.

Came across Apartment Therapy the other day, and am loving the ideas!

corridor shelves, totally doable.
corridor shelves, totally doable.

Love corridor shelves, it reminds me of school time, or kids era. Just pick whatever you want for the shelf and sit on the attached bench for an afternoon. It looks lengthy enough to hold my current number of collection. And I am a secret OCD who hates slouchy sofa, especially when reading is concern. So a bench is perfect!

Full usage of the wall.
Full usage of the wall.

Forget about spending thousands of dollars on wallpaper. Just put up a full length shelving unit and arrange the books! Love the huge window next to it. I’m a sucker for nice warm sunlight when reading is concern. But I’m very sure my man would not agree to have book shelves in the hall. *bleh*

Amazing entrance!
Amazing entrance!

This beautiful picture is taken from here, and the advice for small space living is to go vertical! Very true. 

But again, this amazing entrance is not going to work for me too. My husband will freak out. I’m serious. 

Hidden closet!
Hidden closet!

Maybe this will work? hardly enough for anything!

The next one looks perfect, but it also looks like the owner has a pretty big house. Unlike what we are talking here…..

Simple yet perfect.
Simple yet perfect.

Since my man cannot take having books all over the place, or seeing a gigantic bookshelf in the hall,  the negotiation ended up with me occupying one room, and we call it my LoneTime BlackHole aka my study. So I can do practically anything (ie stacking up my books side ways or anyway as I like it!!! ) in that room. To be able to do whatever I want with my book in a space is such an important aspect of my life! 

But wait, my BlackHole also consists of our shoe shelves and my bag shelves. ARGH. We clean the shoes before putting them back, and I do spring cleaning to make sure they are odourless, so I can live with having the shoe shelves in the room. And of course my bags too. But I think I got cheated on the square feet available. ARGH. So I have books arranged into three rolls per box (those Ikea boxy bookshelves) so I can fit more books into the current shelf. Those at the last rolls must be screaming, and I need to move the first two rolls in order to take a book from the back. I think my books must be feeling like they are living in the dense Tokyo apartment. I’m sorry, I’ll go get another shelf very soon. 

My little study has bright sunlight, something that makes me very happy. And a sturdy wooden table. Most of the time I sit on the floor and lean against the shelf to read. While other time (when Mr. is not at home) I’ll roll on my hall’s wooden flooring and read.

Paper and wood, they are from the same source. 

The fact is, like many things in life, we actually don’t need it to be huge or extravagant, we just need it to be real and useful. How much space can a human being take? How much space do we need? But what is our desire? You will find that our basic need is minor, but our version of it is major. Living with my tiny library everyday makes me realised that I have very lucky to be able to collect books, and have a space call my own. 

Some home libraries are not meant for the owner, they are meant for the visitors, just for show time. 

I don’t need a big library, honestly. I just need to learn how to be better and more creative in arranging the books to fit to my space. I need it to stay humble and be my own. 

Maybe I give you a glimpse of my tiny BlackHole? Or maybe next time. 🙂

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