Stumbled Upon: Witness Happiness

I think I need to be more cautious before I click on any link that has Thailand productions on it. I accidentally clicked on this one while writing my article, and man, I could not stop.

I think most of the time, we decide to do something based on the reward we will receive from the said action. I would not say it’s wrong to think in that manner, because it is human nature. The only thing I have to say, is that not everything we do, needs to make perfect sense in this world. If it speaks to you and it fills your heart, just like how it is in this commercial, then it is right. 

Witnessing happiness brought from his action, is also a form of reward. The more he does, the more he receives. The beauty lies in the copywriting:

“What does he get in return, for doing this everyday? He gets nothing. He won’t be richer, won’t appear on TV. Still anonymous. And not abit more famous.”

Isn’t it true, that everything we do on these days, has to bring us somewhere higher? Or get more supporters, LIKEs, and click? Isn’t it true what we do, need to make us more well-known, well liked and receive more praise?

Because time is gold, everything we do, needs to bring us immediate benefits and rewards. 

“What he does receive are emotions. He witnesses happiness. Reaches deeper understanding. Feels love. Receives what money can’t buy. A world made more beautiful.”

A world made more beautiful. And I think a world more beautiful is made up by little small things: kindness, and the willingness to share. I cannot stop war, nor change the way the world goes around, but I can smile to the cleaners in the mall, I can say thank you to the waiter who brought my drink, I can patiently wait in line during traffic instead of jump queue, I can open the door for the lady, I can give fruits to my neighbour, and I do all these without expecting return. 

I have, and I will continue to do this. Because I too believe, I can make people in my community feel better by showing small kindness. 

All it takes is for me to think, and take extra minute to do that. Time, is perhaps what we are not willing to sacrifice for kindness. 

The copywriting is so beautiful. Those are the simplest sentences, made up by simple words. Yet it is so powerful. I hope one day, I can be aware of the emotions and write something as real as this. 





广告中的”Witness Happiness“,让我觉得感动。目睹快乐和别人的感动,是一种真正的动力。现代的我们,时间太宝贵,因为时间都应该拿来赚钱或是让我们更成功、更多曝光率,所以都不愿施予多一分钟的时间来做关怀。




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