Thoughts: How important is image editing skills in a blog?

For the record, I’m clueless in it, at least up until now. 

I know images are important in blogs, one look at all the top blogs you can have the answer. I am also one of those who are attracted to outstanding images. And if I want to treat this space as an online journal, then I must upkeep a good quality of images (think fashion magazines!) But I often ponder how much time should I spend doing editing for images? I am talking about all the collages, cut-out, frames, and special effects that look oh-so-perfect and high-end (to me). 

More often than not, I find myself only do color adjustment to my images, and I post them one by one just as the original. Are they too basic? Too plain? Without surprises? Though this journal is essentially leaning towards words instead of images, I am still bothered by the lack of imagination of my images.

Some nights I find myself staring infront of the laptop trying to read up Photoshop 101, or youtube the guide. (It’s amazing how we can find practically everything on youtube, including how to perfect that egg benedict…) But usually by the end of it I’m exhausted, and the writing never come about after that. 

What do readers want? Content with loads of images? Or good input in words format? I’m trying to balance it out, but of course, I’m leaning towards the writing part, where it creates images through different mind.

So if you have some suggestions for me, please comment! 🙂 

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