Stumbled Upon: Missing Nihon

Scott Gold did a fantastic video January in Japan, and it makes me missing Japan so much.

There are so many things in Japan that I have yet to experience, I was there only once. It was during October 2011, a fine weathered period for Tokyo city. I spent a week working and another for exploring.

2011. Japan.
2011. Japan.

It was really a good mix, for the first week I was staying in 4 star hotel, seeing the business hospitality and the financial district, being chauffeur driven around with a host and translator with me. Then the following week I moved into staying with 3 girls in a B&B, walking around town on feet with my backpack, riding subways and eating anything I see, at whatever time I feel like. 

That is the perks of traveling alone: you have time to think, you have time to see. You have no permanent companion during the trip but you have too many people to talk to.  I think everyone needs a solo trip in between the days. 

On the subway.
On the subway.

Gold’s video captured the true essence of Japan. It is as diversified as Malaysia, with hidden treasures awaiting to be discovered. Though luxury shopping and dining is part of the highlight in Japan, I still think the best of Japan is within the small towns and the local ramen shops. Architectural is huge in Japan, and the Nihon Teien, also known as Japanese garden, is something I adore. There is so much refinement in the traditional Japanese way of life.

Time to make another trip back. 

I spent hours at this paper shop. Exquisite materials.
I spent hours at this paper shop. Exquisite materials.

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