Movie Review: American Hustle

Oh well well, what do you say? Ten nominations in the Oscar but none came through.

But no matter, because it is a good show that received critical acclaim and box office success. And BAFTA. And Golden Globes. Personally, I think it is interesting and entertaining for good 140 minutes.

The con artists
The con artists

So you have Christian Bale and Amy Adams, literally and practically as partner in crime. In love and in business together. The good old 70s of money and drugs setting got me all excited. Then there is Jennifer Lawrence who gave her best as the lonely and disillusioned wife.  Along came a can’t-wait-to-be-famous FBI agent Bradley Cooper, who is trying to fish Jeremy Renner aka Mr. Mayor Camine Polito into his trophy list. You see where this is going? How much fun to watch all these characters jumping on each other!

First up, the story line was well written. Simple and most basic of all, yet half of the time Hollywood screenplays can go totally wrong with a con story. American Hustle has a sense of reality, given it is a topic that has been written in a thousand different ways. The story is truly 70s, the gestures, the characters, the act and the thinking are all alined with that era. 

Then came Amy Adams, whom I have not given much thought until she became Sydney Prosser aka Lady Edith Greensly. Convincing performance with layers of personality. And you know all about Jennifer Lawerence and her ability to turn any characters into her own. 

Mood setting, cinematography, music and costumes are of top class.  70s was a liberating time for women, the costumes and both leading ladies truly portrait the time of freedom in every perspectives. Dialogue and its flow was good, keeping the story interesting too. 

And of course, ending? Hollywood says every con man has a conscience about his art. Oh well.  

But I had fun!


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