Thoughts: #PrayforMH370

It has been a long while since an accident news affected me so much.

After 72 hours, the search and rescue operation effort is still going on, so many countries and so many people are working to get a clue on what exactly has happened to MH370.

But we do not know just yet. I am sure there are plenty of activities going on and information gathered, because investigation is at its peak, and the authorities know, every minute passed is a minute lost to bring new hope.

What we (the public) should not do now, is speculate and spread hear say stories. What we should not do is to linked this unfortunate event to politics, religion and colours. It maybe true, it maybe not. It could be just pure accident. But for now, it is not officially announced.

I have been hearing radio stations putting up interviews with people who are ‘supposed’ to be on MH370 since yesterday. I may not be a qualified journalist, but as a normal passerby, I find that is an insensitive way to do news. Yes I understand, this is a common routine for media to show public comments and thoughts during special events. Yet, there is a fine line between common routine and common sense. The ‘lucky’ ones were saying how blessed they feel, how their instinct saved them, and they cannot believe they are so lucky. One even said: “Imagine, what if I have gone on that plane with my girl?”

What if? 

And this What If has been running on air for the whole two days as I know it. I cannot comprehend the strategy behind these interviews. Every new comment is an extra burden to the waiting souls. 

It is not wrong to feel lucky, but in my opinion, it is insensitive to run the interviews on the station all day and night. This is supposed to make us feel better? For us to appreciate our lives more when either one of us might have board MH370? Are we not aware of that by now?


What we should do is to be mindful, to be sensitive and to exercise our common sense. What we should do is follow official channels and media for news, and not to repost anything that is not sure. What we need to do is stay calm, give support and pray.

There has been plenty of news going on, and every time a tiny piece of information comes around, everyone goes crazy, then the authority said not true. So much information going around that is far from the fact, and worse still, not being verified. Sometimes the news has gotten so far it became somehow true. Imagine, the emotional roller coaster ride of those  who are affected. 

There ought to be fingers pointing, it is part of the process, it is only normal to have this in any countries and organisations. A society works in a certain social patterns we cannot escape, because standing in different shoes, everyone has different opinion and priority. But that, should never come in between of getting a real solid result for the big picture. 

It is extremely hard for everyone, because after 72 hours there is still no closure. ‘Missing’, ‘disappeared’ and ‘lost contact’ are big heavy phrases. What does it mean? How could we understand and stomach the status of ‘missing’? Dead or alive? Where are they? 

From the psychology point of view, no closure is the hardest blow on human. We can slowly (but painfully) come to terms with death, or completely losing someone (something) we love due to other reasons, because an answer has been given. Though everyone goes through different stages, but eventually the acceptance will come. But without a closure, it is extremely difficult to lay down the burden. A mother who has her child taken away from her, but never to find the body, will never be able to have a closure on it. You carry hope everyday, only to be disappointed every night. So for everything that is going on for MH370, we hope for a closure soon. 

Above all, though chances are slim, we hope and pray for good news. 

Search and rescue work is a tough job, it will definitely take time. Not forgetting other departments who are working behind the scene to confirm other possibilities. But for now, we shall not act foolishly and spread unconfirmed news. 

The world awaits you, MH370. Come home. 

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