Stumbled Upon: Skype Collaboration Project

Skype launched this collaboration project recently, and I must say it is an interesting marketing project: subtle and meaningful.


Checking through the usage of Skype, the management team must have realised that the users of Skype are the mavens. The creators and the business people. So instead of focusing their marketing campaigns on family connection time and cross atlantic lovers, Skype works on promoting it as an essential tool for business.

It make sense to move aggressively to promote Skype, as the brand is launching more paid services, and developing more offers to the users.  

The first business to go to when you want to be seen as the maven? The multi-billion dollar fashion industry.


Featuring masterminds like Victoria Beckham, Jonathan Saunders, Catherine Heyward, Susie Lau and Mary Katrantzou, Skype is making it clear how it is a comprehensive tool that is different from your usual Facetime and old school webcam. It has more than that to offer.

Interview with Susie is here, and 4-some great women talk is here

Driving further, it includes film industry specialists, photographers and random stories. The Instagram world is full of interesting stories waiting to be discovered. Nice. 

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