Thoughts: What does your hobby say about you?

I like simple things in life. *ahem*

And most of the time I am interested in things I can do alone, such as:

A) Running – I hide away most of the time for run, going alone into the park and main roads. One out of ten times I join a small group of friends to run. Only when I’m comfortable, and when the little voice inside me thinks I can keep up with them. It is really about how little I feel among runners, and I could not say it. 

It is always terrible to keep people away from the run (and their awesome speed) just for you. And no, I’m not that competitive to keep pushing the boundary and tearing my lungs for the entire two hours. Frankly, I give up pretty easily.  That’s the reason I often run alone. The balance in giving myself time on the weekdays, and weekends with the high achievers is a perfect combination. Relaxing on my own, yet being encouraged by the pioneers for improvement.



B) Swimming – Perfect sport! You are in the water and when you swim you cannot chat, so it avoid long chatting time instead of real work. I see people hanging by the pool for hours, yet hardly splash a stroke. Perhaps swimming is a recreational sport, I’m just too uptight and paranoid. That’s what everyone says.

I like how swimming keep me busy, moving all hands and legs at once. Yet many times I find my mind drifted into things I could not concentrate when I am on the ground. I call it the clarity time. And of course how it makes me feel that I have a new pair of lungs every time I finish 20 laps. Ahhh…

C) Reading – This is my ALL TIME love. Take away the cellphone, take away the music, but please don’t punish me with taking away the books. That is as good as my life itself.

Though I read and write plenty, I still could not describe the exact feeling of reading, or coming out from a good read. Like in love? More than that. Like a good night sleep? More than that. Like getting free money? I don’t know, I don’t think I ever get free money before.

It’s more than that, I guess you will be happy for a while on the free money, but a good read has a lifelong effect on you. I mean, on me.

Besides loving a quiet time and plenty of knowledge gained from reading, I love the imagination part. Isn’t it awesome you can turned into someone else and experience a whole new fantasy with words?

I always think people with imagination prefers to read, while people without imagination prefers to watch a movie. (People who makes movie has plenty of imagination by the way) Isn’t it true? Reading builds imagination with words, and allow everyone to have his own version based on what is written. With imagination you would be able to picture more things without even seeing it. You will be able to create that picture. 

What’s your favourite hobby?

My favourite corner at home
My favourite corner at home

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