Fashion Story: Who do you love? #1

I may not be able to maintain a full fashion blog, but it does not mean I am not interested in dropping fashion into the current blog style. 

I am indeed, always keeping keen interest in fashion, but pardon me, interest in fashion is not automatically equivalent to interest in fashion labels alone. So perhaps you would not see me writing just about fashion labels. 

Fashion is so much more than that. Either you get it, or you don’t. Yet, it doesn’t matter if you don’t, sometimes all you need is a good read.

I love good fashion blogs, again pardon me, I’m hardly into those me-myself-and-I selfie or outfit blogs with low or no content at all. I am sure styling itself is a skill hard to master, yet I think there should be something inspirational in the styling, not just follow suit, and name drop. Originality is so rare. Some bloggers are doing very good job in providing inspiration, I’ll share with you few of the sites I like, soon.

Today, let us talk about Margaret Zhang. 

Margaret Zhang -
Margaret Zhang –

Shine By Three is the name of her site. With structural content and carefully styled images, she has turned the site into a well curated e-magazine instead of a off-the-street blog. She styles all the images, and writes all the content. 

Personally I adore her words. Her style of writing is very appealing to me. A strong writing skill is hard to come by for many bloggers, though essentially, ‘blogging’ is about writing an online journal. (I mean, I can’t write for nuts!) But more and more bloggers are turning into visual producers, while less of the group are sharpening the writing skill. Good writer/blogger is hard to come by because you need to know where to start, and most importantly, when to stop. Margaret makes reading her content an easy task, yet with interesting point-of-view in her post. 

Needless to say, as a keen photographer and contributor to Vogue Australia, the site also features some of the most interesting images around the blogsphere.  Combined Those Two elements together, you get a high quality online lifestyle journal. 

So like a true lifestyle journal, you get a comprehensive coverage on all topics. Fashion, beauty, travel, interviews, editorials and other knick-knacks. Pretty impressive.

Margaret Zhang has successfully created a high quality e-magazine, with the focus being on content instead of herself. She is indeed the main force behind it all, yet when I read the journal, I’m drawn towards the content created, not on the star herself. The true power of good content, well curated topics and professionally done images. 

Let me put it this way: you know Anna Wintour is the force behind Vogue U.S., yet it is the content and the amazing fashion spreads that lure you into turning the pages, not really for Anna Wintour, but because of her foresight, you’re getting good content. Yes? 

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