Thoughts: Do bloggers have choices?

I love blogs and articles like Do bloggers have choices?., because it gives you ideas while helping you to find your grit. Especially for newbie like me. 

There are just too many How To out there and I am often confused and worried about the right or wrong for my blog. The Left Wing tells you to do as you like, but the Right Wing says there are strict rules to adhere to.

It took me three months to think and rethink before even willing to commit to a blog. It is fair to spend some time to think about what you want to do with your blog, which applies to anything you want to do in your life. However, we could never tell exactly how it is going to turn out to be.

It is true as Bottledworder puts it:

“Of course, I can keep writing what I want for myself….. But that will mean an audience of only one. Only me. “

I am sure most of us wants more than that. I want more than that, though it does not mean I want to be a full-time blogger or earning thousands from it, but I do want more readers and a good sense of belonging from the readers.

It is true that there is no right or wrong in maintaining a blog. So yes, I have set directions for my blog, yet I’m not confined by only those. I’m constantly thinking a fun element to add into my blog. It is like styling the same white Zara shorts with hundred different pieces to make different looks.

Till then, take care.

8 thoughts on “Thoughts: Do bloggers have choices?

    1. In my opinion there are at least two types of bloggers. One that is out to treat it as a business, so they planned and know exactly what direction to head towards. While the other group is looking towards expressing their views. I’m leaning towards group two. With that, I’m hoping to create an atmosphere to share similar views, and provide a ground for those to think alike or share our views with the rest who are not within us. Hence, earning money is not a priority, though it can comes with a good job done later. Therefore, choices we made on the method and format of our blogs are different with those who treat it like a business.


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