Stumbled Upon: My Beautiful Woman

Sometimes you don’t really know what you are clicking into, until you clicked into it.


I found these commercials online. Like all the Thai produced movies and ads, this IS a tear jerker.

We all know this, it happens around us, but when it is put under a detailed screen writer and director’s guide, everything seems extraordinary, and moving, then we realised something ticking inside us.

I first saw this third instalment instead of the first and second, and I must say, I love this beyond it all.

A young mum, rumoured to have a child with her sugar daddy, has to put up with hectic lifestyle of running around for love and life. Yet the truth is far from it. 

Did we not cast a side glance and whisper when we think someone else’s life does not passed our standard? Yet, what do we know about it to comment?

“I’d rather them talking about me instead of talking about June.”

I could not imagine love beyond the purest of heart.

Here are the other two moving stories. Beautifully captured.

To love those beyond your circle and responsibility is a virtue that could not be taught, it is a gift from Above. 

Tell me which one of the above ads is your favourite. 🙂

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