Best Read of The Month: Harper’s Bazaar January Gem

“A hundred years from now no one will care, so get over yourself.”

Harper’s Bazaar Malaysia started the new year with a nice bang. I truly enjoyed the content for January 2014 issue, with THIS being my favourite:

Fun read!
Fun read!
100 sit-up a day yo!
100 sit-up a day yo!

I never imagine Rick Owens to be funny, though he was not literally making jokes in here, but you can see his wits among his words. What do you expect? He married Michele Lamy.

At the age of 51, Rick Owens looks super good for his age – again what do you expect, according to him he makes it a point to do 100 sit-ups a day. And we may be able to understand his determination at the ‘1pm’ part –

“I work out for an hour with hardcore techno playing full blast in my ear buds. I used to have a trainer in LA, but now I enjoy the privacy and focus of doing it by myself. I grew up buck-toothed, soft, and pear-shaped – honestly, if I can change, anyone can.”

There you go. Hard work is the only honest way to success, and maintaining it. Owens must know that, because he has been rocking the world of Rick Owens fashion for more than two decades. Words of wisdom from a man who has million of followers worldwide for his functional grunge label. And I love Owens’ reading list: Beverly Nichols, M.F.K Fisher, Colette and E.F. Benson.


12 shots of espresso a day. Owens makes me feel so much better with my daily 6 shots, since I am constantly being told that it is suicidal and I’m overdosed. Nah.

There is another section I like in this issue, but I’ll save it for the next time. Meantime, go grab a copy of January Harper’s Bazaar Malaysia, we might have liked the same thing after all.

Till then, take care.

January2014 Cover- The legendary Naomi Campbell
January2014 Cover- The legendary Naomi Campbell

Wanna know more about this man and his label? go to His Home.

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