The Birthday Gift

Two weeks ago, I rewarded myself with an awesome birthday present.

That is from Adidas King Of The Road (KOTR) event. This mark the first anniversary of me running on the road.

Therefore KOTR will always be a milestone for me. Last year I started with 10k, knowing nothing about running, this year I tried for a further distance. Officially the longest on record.

I knew immediately after I finished the 10k last year, that I will be back for more this year. And signing up 16.8km was without hesitation, but when the date drew nearer, I started to panic, as I only did 15km and more for less than 5 times. My runs are generally small ones, 5k to 8k. Often the longer ones are with my buddy Viki (whom I mentioned in earlier post), yet those are generally 10-12k at max.

Then I realised, crap, what have I done? Often that realisation comes late, like 3 weeks before the run date. I tried my best to squeeze in more runs, but not that many to kill myself. Yet, even in that state of panicking, I never thought of chicken out from it. I know for sure I will be able to finish, worse come to worse, I’ll just walk through it.

My motto? Slowly but surely, I’ll reach the finish line. That’s what keep me going all the time. Slowly but surely. So long you never think about giving up, or chicken out. This is when ‘there is a will, there is a way’ works out perfectly.

I know many people may not like the KOTR route, which is the NPE Highway. Not much scenery and no shades for sure. But I like it, simply because it is a route I drive on very often. It leads straight to my house, and you know the feeling of running on the route you drive on every other day? Proud. Every step I take brings me closer to home (then we turned back…) and now I know every elevation every corner that I probably never pay attention before. When you drive, you’re oblivious to the greatness around you, everything seems so small and unimportant; because we’re forever rushing, we’re busy getting to the destination and nothing matters more. Roads are just roads, what is there to care about?

So yes, I love running on the highway that my car rides on. Freedom!

This, is a birthday gift from me, to myself. Though it didn’t end in the time goal I set, I’m just happy I can run. The 2hours+ I spent going out and coming back on this distance, may as well be a full marathon for some. But no matter. I’m glad I did what I want. And I will run again and again, so long my body can take it.

Thank you Universe, because I’m able to run. I’m eternally grateful.

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