The K-ki

Last month I went on a short trip to Singapore, crazy enough for a concert. Singapore is a country I frequent couple of times every year, for work and pleasure. Being a city filled with exciting vibes, I discover new places to hang out and recollect my soul every single trip.

k-ki such sweet little sound, is a cafe that serves sweet delights and beverages for sweet-tooth monkey like me.


Standing right at the point of a triangle cross, you’ll spot k-ki along Ann Siang Hill with no difficulty. Well, at least for me.

To discover interesting stuff, you’ve got to open your eyes, and your mind to every corner at every possibility.

Saturday afternoon probably is a wrong time to come over as it was crowded with lovers of Kki, but that did not spoil my excitement, when I saw what is at the counter.


 Detailing in pastry making is always an interesting point to note. It is a tough business, you have got to be cute, and yummy, yet affordable, while keeping cost low and so many other considerations.

But what do we care? Customers are so fortunate to pay a little to enjoy the great effort and collaboration by F&B operators.


We had 3 assortments (the beauty of sharing) and they are all beautiful. Yummy, with layers of after taste kicks in after the first love. That is something I always look for, and love. To have different ingredients blended so well together, yet it comes to your senses at different time to release the best of it.

I am at no means a food critic, nor is this blog is just about food, so no, I cannot give you professional advice and feedback, instead only from a bare consumer point of view.


But what I can say is, I find the coffee was up to my satisfactory. Simple yet classic aroma, with beautiful crema and right temperature.

I will come visit again, on a weekday afternoon with my book. This is a little treasure hut that meant to be enjoyed quietly.

Go check out k-ki website, and pay a visit.

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