The Yoga Master and her creation

The artist behind Inkypots, which we’re going to feature here, is actually an old friend, or more precisely, my ex-colleague, back in the days when we were all kids in advertising.

And then this girl left and I heard she’s doing pottery and craft. Nothing surprising, as Jia Wen, whom is the girl behind Inkypots, was in the creative department as an copywriter back in those days.

So I thought about her when we wanna start Matahari, and so happen that we were supposed to meet up for a gathering as one of our ex-colleagues MM came back for holiday in KL.

And yes that is how everything fit in nicely with the talk, the timing and most importantly, the art. I must say though I’m prepared, I was actually blown away when Jia Wen brought those arts to the store. Breath-taking, and you know she did it for the love of art.


So here you go, here are some of the amazing art we have in our store.

Beard & Mustaches

The following piece is my personal favourite, she named it “I dream of letting go”, which I truly feel it from looking at her art piece.

I dreamt of Letting Go ***Personal Favourite***
I dreamt of a flock of bird
Good Morning Plants

And for the love of Yoga, Jia Wen came up with a series of Special Edition: YOGA art. How inspiring!

Special Edition: YOGA - Sleeping Star, Child Pose
*Special Edition: YOGA
Special Edition: YOGA - Into the Rain, Side Bend
Special Edition: YOGA - Downward Dog
Special Edition: YOGA - Arching Into Camel
Special Edition: YOGA
Special Edition: YOGA - Tree
Special Edition: YOGA - Shoulder Stand

So yes, we’re in love with Inkypots. I’m sure you’re gonna love them too! Jia Wen produces everything in a small quantity, all by herself at her work/home studio.

We’re so into supporting talent like Jia Wen!

Contact us should you be interested in placing order for her art. We do worldwide shipping too!

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